Friday April 29th 2016

Kard Combat Introduces 4 New Mages in Update of Strategy Card Game

Hothead Games announced the release of a major update to their acclaimed strategy , Kard Combat. This update introduces brand new mages, new modes, and improved gameplay mechanics.

“The fans asked and we delivered with this major update, bearing in mind all the feedback we’ve received for the game,” said Hamish Millar, producer at Hothead. “As a way of thanking our most loyal fans, everyone who purchases the Full Unlock for Kard Combat shall receive the new four mage classes and every other new mage class we ever create for the game, absolutely free.”

Four new mage additions, each with their own unique arsenal of spells and cards to use:

  • Demon: Born from the fires of Hell, Demon’s strengths lie in Fire mana and card reincarnation. When Demon’s cards are destroyed they are replaced immediately by successors to continue their reign.
  • Chaos: Thriving in the madness of battle, Chaos disrupts his opponent with unpredictable cards of chance. The power of his cards is unpredictable to play against which make him a fierce and wild opponent.
  • Deception: Deception has many cunning cards up his sleeve that can thwart even the best strategies. He will force his opponent to remain tactically agile and therefore can be the most dynamic mage to face.
  • Arcane: Arcane specializes only in very powerful spells such as his Ritual Sacrifice or Healing Rays. Confined only to using magic, his spells are more powerful than any other mage.

Two new modes for added variety of gameplay:

  • Challenge mode: Challenge mode takes the strategic twists and turns of the Tower to the next level by dropping the player into scenarios that require tact and skill to survive. Whether it’s starting with only one health point or a field full of cards, the many unique scenarios and win conditions in this mode will test players at every turn.
  • Timed multiplayer mode: It is a second mode for multiplayer where turn times are limited to 3 minutes, speeding up the game and the strategy. If your opponent doesn’t make their move in time then you win the game.

Version 1.2 of Kard Comabt also includes:

  • New sound options, animations, improved graphics, and buttons
  • Footman and Automaton cards are now vulnerable to destroy.
  • Bug fixes correcting mana numbers, multiplayer slots, health discrepancy.
  • Ability to change game difficulty mid-campaign.
  • And others, with more to come.

New card promotion: Players can like the official Kard Combat Facebook page at When the page reaches 1000 likes, the Oracle card will be released for all players.

Inaugural Kard Combat Tournament Results: Fifty-five players world wide participated in the first-ever Kard Combat tournament, and congratulations to the winner, DariusGemini2!

Kard Combat is available for free in the App Store.

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