February, 2016

Skin Rashes Under Armpit

Skin rash like the armpit rash occurs due to different reasons. The rashes may occur due to a reaction of a certain substance coming in to contact with the skin. For example, some people develop rashes as a result of using a certain shaving cream, applying certain oils, bathing with a certain kind of soap or detergents […]

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Weight-Loss Corner Recommendations

The popular conversation for any day, will most commonly be about weight loss. Whether it’s for some special occasion; like a wedding, a prom, a party or even a date; or you’re a retiree who’s no longer wants to pack on the fat; or you a child that’s just tired of being the joke of […]

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How to Make a Dog Throw Up

Pets can sometimes eat foods or household items that are dangerous or possibly fatal for them. In some instances, inducing vomiting can quickly purge the threatening substance from the pet’s stomach. Here we will go over the common signs of poisoning for dogs, harmful substances, and methods to make your dog throw up. A little […]

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