Chain Restaurants

Whether it’s McDonalds, Big, Boy, TGI Fridays’s or any of the other chain restaurants, large or small, fast food or sit down; people are getting less than would were they to visit instead a non-chain restaurant that custom cooks them a meal.

Consider the difference. If you go out to eat at a Mom and Pop restaurant, or a family owned fine dining establishment or anything in between, you come in, sit down or are seated, place your order, and then, the people in the kitchen cook it for you. On the other hand, if you go to a chain restaurant, you don’t even have to place your order for some things for it to be cooked for you. Most fast food chains for example cook ahead, knowing that someone will order what you do in fact order, and then it’s just a matter of taking it out of a bin and putting it on a tray for you.

And that’s the least of the differences. Consider how the meals are put together. Look at Olive Garden, for example, or Red Lobster. Virtually everything on the menu is not just pre-maid, a lot of it is also pre-cooked. At Olive Garden for instance, the only thing they actually cook for you is the pasta. Everything else is reconstituted or cooked from frozen. It’s the same thing at T.G.I. Fridays. And Red Lobster, and McDonald’s except there it’s the fries.

Now consider how food at home is cooked. If you make something up ahead of time, mix it, cook it, add all the spices etc. Then, throw it in the freezer, and then pull it out later, it’s considerd leftovers. And the thing with leftovers is, some leftovers taste great and maintain their texture and things are good, like say meat loaf. Other things on the other hand, are sub-par, such as tuna casserole. And in fact, more left-over’s are sub-par than are great.

This is one reason you should stop eating at chain restaurants; because they serve sub-par food.

Another reason is because they put stuff in chain restaurant food to force it to retain its texture, its apparent freshness, or its very preservation. Things that you would never consider putting in your food at home, and yet, are more than willing to gobble down when a chain restaurant serves it to you. Why?

Chain restaurants are successful because it costs less to eat at them then it does at a traditional place. And the reason it can cost less, is because they cut corners. It’s this costing less business that has attracted so many people, and that allows these restaurants to exist, and in some cases prosper.

The reason you need to stop eating at chain restaurants is the same reason you need to stop clicking on junk mail links, because when you do so, you perpetuate the lousy business that your are patronizing; which means that all of us will be continue to be served up lousy stuff.

So, just stop clicking on those links, and stop eating at chain restaurants so we can all find a better place to eat.

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