Do you Prefer Fast Food or Home Cooking

Sometimes I look forward to mincing garlic all day while I’m at work. I can’t wait to drop my car keys onto their hook, greet my cat-children and rush to my kitchen. While my husband is still at work, I like to turn up the XM, pour myself a glass of something cold and get busy chopping. Home cooking is best. I know the quality of my ingredients. I know their source. I control the amount of sugar, butter, oil, whatever. I know my hands are clean, my kitchen is sanitized and my heart is pure. I love to cook for my family and friends. It’s relaxing – herbal bliss (and I do love my herbs…..) While I may hate unloading the dishwasher, I am happy to fill it after serving a home cooked meal. We have dinner parties and I prefer them at our house, this way I get to cook.

The idea of fast food versus what I can make that tastes so much better, and is so much healthier and economical is a joke because there is no comparison. It’s no contest. I can never run out of ideas, only ingredients. Even then it’s a simple fix if you keep a well stocked pantry and have a few goodies socked away in your freezer. And maybe a few tricks up your sleeve! The Internet gives powerful insight into entire worlds of other cooks, men and women just like you and me who are foodies, and aren’t afraid to say it.

So grab your bottle of extra virgin olive oil and a heavy bottomed pan. Set the stove on medium-high, chop up some garlic, some onions, and some veggies. In less time than it would take you to get to that fast food window, you are already halfway to a fantastic, crazy good meal that you and your family will love. It only takes about 7 minutes to boil pasta. Takes about 3 minutes to scramble some eggs. Forget the fast food. Go buy some pot holders. They will last longer and be much more useful, I promise.

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