Fast Food Chain Reviews Arbys

Arby’s is a rather high end fast food chain as fast food chains go these days.

The sliced beef is of good quality and the menu is quite good,as well.

First , let us take a look at the restaurant itself and its cleanliness and comfort. The surroundings are quite attractive and seating comfortable. The management of these franchises are generally careful to hire friendly associates that are both efficient and keep a tidy dining area. I have yet to enter one that has an unclean rest room.

The prices are reasonable for the regular and super-sized roast beef sandwiches.The meat is moist and tasty.

One of the best things about Arby’s, I believe, are the available sauces. The Horsey sauce is a white horseradish base with a truly tangy taste. The other sauce is a red-orange barbecue that is neither smokey nor sweet, but it’s taste falls somewhere in between. Of course, you can always choose simple ketchup!

The cheese that is melted atop the sandwiches, on request of course, is chedder. It is not too bad, either, for fast food cheese. Sure beats the yucky American slice you will get slapped on top of your burger at Mickey D’s!

The buns are fresh and soft but, are nothing special. It’s still all about the beef and the sauces!

Oh, yeah, and the turnovers! They have the greatest warm pastry turnovers in both apple and cherry. They are drizzled with delicious frosting and served in a little wax paper envelope. eat them with an Arby’s coffee, which is quite a good brew, as long as it’s not too close to closing time!

The Arby’s sides are okay but, I am not really a fries gal so, I prefer to let you be the judge. But, from what I can tell from the patrons seated around me, they certainly sell a lot of them.

The biggest problem, I find, is trying to get in and out of the parking lot, as these restaurants are normally located on very narrow lots with rather steep inclines. The parking slots are on an angle and I have trouble sometimes getting in and out.

The drive-thru is a convenient way to order and move on, though. The reader boards are easy to read (unlike some drive-thru places) and the speakers are in good repair, most generally.

If you haven’t tried the fare at an Arby’s, you really should give it a go!

Especially, if you love roast beef and apple turnovers, – respectively!

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