Fast Food Restaurants Serving the Unhealthiest Food

The mouth thinks it craves greasy, salty, fatty, so the mind drags the body into some random, hideous chain restaurant. Why spend more if I can drop a buck or two on a dollar menu feast and stuff my craving? I avoid them because they scare me. Is it really all beef? What part of the cow, the part I’m willing to eat or the parts they scrape off the inside of the slaughter house pens? The burgers are an unsettling blue/green/gray color. The condiments and bun probably have more nutrients. Plus watch next time someone eats fast food- grease oozes out with each bite. The sodium content raises my blood pressure and makes me crave more chemicals to drink-like the demonic soft drinks they offer free refills on… And have I mentioned that awful smell? Cheap and damp and greasy and just..wrong.

Some morning news program showed small children a few pictures: a cartoon hero, movie star, a famous president, Christ, and Ronald McDonald. Even the ones that couldn’t talk recognized the McDevil.
Fast food is generally unhealthy because it is consumed with no regard for the portion size, fat grams, calories, sodium and animal parts it may or may not contain. If people were more cognizant of what they are eating, and how MUCH and how often they are eating it, there would be a place for fast food chains in a healthy lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, it does have a place. The restroom. That’s about the best it can offer.

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