Fast Food

Almost nobody can resist fast food that is delicious.  Many people like to eat it everyday for lunch, stop to pick up a pizza on the way home, dine in – anything they want to do to savor the quick meals that are ready to eat in five minutes.  Fast food is most than just a bag of french fries and hamburgers.  There are crunchy chicken nuggets, creamy ice cream, spicy tacos – and much more.

*Wendy’s Chicken Nuggets

The chicken nuggets from Wendy’s may be small, but their flavors are powerful enough to satisfy one’s tastebuds. They are embedded with a crunchy mixture of breads and spices. The inside meat is extremely succulent. You can literally suck on the meat, due to its reputation for juiciness. And for that extra punch of flavor people desire, dip the nuggets into dipping sauces. Wendy’s special barbecue sauce and honey mustard literally explode in your mouth.

*Domino’s Hand-Tossed Pepperoni Pizza

This pizza makes a welcoming dish for a weekend meal or at parties. Recently, cooks from Domino’s decided to spice up the delectable pizza by adding seasoning to its hand-tossed crust. The crust is now peppered with garlic (that’s right, the strong seasoning which can linger in your mouth for days). The melting mozzarella cheese helps bring the mouth-watering aroma from the pizza.  And the famous Domino’s tomato sauce is now thicker than ever.   

*Dairy Queen’s Blizzard Ice Cream

There’s nothing like a sweet ending to your lunch and dinner. Who can resist a cup of refreshing ice cream to cool them down on a hot day?  The Blizzard treats from Dairy Queen satisfies any sweet-toothed person. Just think about it – creamy vanilla ice cream with cookies or candies of your choice swirled throughout. Somebody’s favorite Blizzard may turn out to be the Oreo Blizzard. Others prefer Blizzards with M&M’s in them.  And Dairy Queen also hosts specific Blizzards each month: a celebration of popular Blizzard treats that helped make the restaurant famous for desserts.

*Dairy Queen’s Onion Rings

Another delicious feature from Dairy Queen is onion rings. They are very juicy and crispy. Breaded onions are cooked in hot oil before they are served in a golden color.  The onion rings are a favorite as a side dish or for an appetizer.  Add a touch of ketchup or your favorite sauce for additional flavor.

So, what’s your fast food?

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