Healthy Food Choices at Kentucky Fried Chicken

When it comes to fast food dining it can be difficult to stay on a healthy diet or restrain yourself from gorging on all the foods you’ve deprived yourself of during the week. However, with the increased attention on healthy eating and childhood obesity issues, many fast food chains have decided to include healthy food choices on their menus. Although Kentucky Fried Chicken isn’t the first fast food restaurant that comes to mind when it comes to healthy food options, they definitely have a wide array of menu items that can adhere to a healthy diet.


The best route to go when it comes to getting chicken at Kentucky Fried Chicken is to choose their grilled option. The best option when it comes to calorie count is the grilled chicken wing that comes to 80 calories and the next best option is the grilled drumstick at 90 calories. If these two options seem like too small a serving the next best option is a whole chicken breast without skin or breading which only comes out to 160 calories.


The best options for salads at Kentucky Fried Chicken is the Caesar side salad without dressing or croutons, which comes in at 40 calories, or the house side salad without dressing, which comes in at 15 calories. However, the portion size is greatly different with these two salads and people usually find it difficult to fully enjoy their salads without any dressing. If you are in need of salad dressing with your salad, make sure to opt for the Marzetti Light Italian Dressing which only comes in at 15 calories per serving.


There is an abundance of side options at Kentucky Fried Chicken but many of them are filled with saturated fat and a high calorie count. The safest bet is to go for the green beans at 25 calories. Although it can be tempting to opt for the corn on the cob side, 70 calories, corn doesn’t really add to your healthy diet because it is mostly starch. If you are the type that needs some starch or carbs with your meal, the best option is the biscuit. Their biscuit has less calories than the corn on the cob, coming in at 54 calories per serving.


When it comes to desserts it’s rare to find a sweet treat that’s low on calories but high on flavor. This is definitely the case when it comes to Kentucky Fried Chicken’s dessert menu. Don’t let their parfait cup selections fool you into thinking they are a healthy sweet treat, the majority of the parfait cups on their menu are well over 200 calories per serving. If the need for a sweet dessert is a necessity, opt for the oatmeal raisin cookie or the chocolate chip cookie which are only 150 and 160 calories.

When it comes to healthy eating it can be difficult to completely forgo all the secret loves of fast food chain restaurants. This is especially so when it comes to quick eating, road trips and forgotten dinners. However, there are ways to stay on your healthy diet while being able to enjoy the same fast food chain restaurants you’ve always loved.

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