How to get better Service at Starbucks

You’re late to work, you just want a cup of coffee, but the barista never seems to get your order right. You’re not trying to make things complicated you just want your morning coffee! Believe it or not, there are a few things that can help you get better service at Starbucks. Here are a few tips that will get you on your barista’s good side.

This article or the opinions expressed within are not endorsed by Starbucks.

Learn how to pronounce your drink correctly. By pronouncing your drink correctly, you will help eliminate confusion and miscommunication between you and the barista.

Please ask questions of your barista, but avoid questions like, “Do you brew coffee?” (The name of the store is Starbucks Coffee.) Questions like, “Do you make anything with caffeine in it?” just waste everybody’s time. Baristas are usually happy to answer any questions you have, but it will be easier on you if there is not a long line behind you. If you want to learn more about coffee, try to hit the store at an off peak. The baristas will be happy to educate you about different types of coffee, different drinks, or anything else Starbucks-related when they aren’t juggling crowds or orders.

Order your drink in this sequence: size, name, and then modifiers. That is the order the barista enters your drink into the computer. For example, say “Grande white chocolate mocha with 4 pumps of raspberry” instead of “4 pump raspberry white chocolate mocha oh, large?” By speaking your order in the size-name-modifiers sequence, your barista will be able to handle your order more quickly, especially if the drink is complicated with several modifiers. This way, your barista won’t forget half of your order by the time they locate the “size” button.

Hang up your cell phone before you get to the drive-thru. The barista’s headset is activated when you drive up and they can hear everything you say. Unless you want the barista to know your personal business, put your cell phone buddy on hold or ask if you can call them back later.

Don’t ask for the barista to ice a hot drink after it is already made. Iced drinks are made very differently than hot drinks. If you change your order after the drink is made, the barista has to remake it.

Throw a tip in the jar especially if you are a regular. Yes, I know you just spent $8.00 on that drink, but a little tip goes a long way for customer service! Even though Starbucks employees are paid more than minimum wage, sometimes they still struggle to pay their bills. If you are a regular customer at a particular location, that little tip can go a long way in your barista’s attitude towards you.

Pay it forward. Sometimes people will pay for the drink of the person behind them. If you are on the receiving end of this generous gesture, pay it forward. (I’ve heard baristas sometimes make fun of customers who break the generosity cycle.)

By following these guidelines, you will definitely be appreciated by your barista and who knows, you just might get better service!

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