Jack in the Box Review

Jack in the Box may be a very popular fast food chain but for me I cannot comprehend how this is possible. There is very little that makes it special and nothing about the restaurant is fast. My many experiences with Jack in the Box have hardly ever been pleasant.

There is nothing really about any of Jack in the Box’s food that really stands out as unique. While they do have grilled chicken strips which I have not seen before. They still mostly have just regular burgers and chicken sandwiches. My first experience with Jack in the Box was far from enjoyable. When I first walked in I had to wait for a few minutes standing at the register just waiting for someone to come of the drive thru and take my order. While waiting for my food I looked around for a table to sit down at. All of the tables were dirty with only two of the clean tables occupied. So I sat waiting for my food at a table that I had to clean off myself for over 10 minutes. Waiting that long for fast food I had assumed that I would have gotten the freshest food available. Instead I got cold fries and dry meat on my burger. 

But I did give them one more chance before I decided never to go there again. This time I decided to try out the drive thru since before I had to wait on the drive thru before I could order. This time my order was taken immediately as I pulled up but then I was stuck waiting over 10 minutes again for my food, only to find out that they were out of the sirloin burgers I had ordered. Then after picking out something else to order they messed it up and put mayo on my chicken sandwich when I had clearly asked not to have any mayo on my sandwich.

Only a few things stand out as positive from my experiences. I did receive free cheesecake for my long wait and the employees did act as if they actually cared. They also have an amazing deal of 2 tacos for a dollar. Not even Taco Bell with a coupon can beat that.

Before going to Jack in the Box ask yourself if there is any other restaurant that you can go to to get the same food.

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