Skin Rashes Under Armpit

Skin rash like the armpit rash occurs due to different reasons. The rashes may occur due to a reaction of a certain substance coming in to contact with the skin.

For example, some people develop rashes as a result of using a certain shaving cream, applying certain oils, bathing with a certain kind of soap or detergents used to clean clothes.

Infections such as ringworm, measles and chicken pox also cause rashes on the armpit. The affected area appears ready, is sometimes itchy and painful, and the rashes may have pus. Other symptoms one may experience with armpit rash include fever, coughs, sweating and headache.

Rash On Inner Thigh

The rashes on the inner thigh are usually caused by poor hygiene among other factors. When the weather is hot, there is usually a lot of sweating.

During such weather if proper hygiene is not exercised by taking bath regularly and changing clothes, one is likely to develop rashes. Using a certain type of soap for bathing or applying a certain lotion can also cause rashes on the inner thigh.

Rashes on the thing can also occur as a symptom of sexually transmitted infections such as syphilis and herpes. Rashes on the thigh are characterized by itchiness, redness and are at times painful and may produce some discharge.

Rash Around Neck

Skin rashes around the neck mostly occur due to certain disease conditions. Common causes are infectious diseases such as chicken pox, ring worms, measles and other infections caused by bacteria.

Wearing certain kind of jewelry around the neck may cause an allergic reaction leading to rashes.

Other causes include food allergy, reaction from medication, heat reaction and stress. The rashes are usually itchy and if one scratches the affected area it may lead to scarring.

If the rash, persists it may have an effect on the digestive and the respiratory systems. The rashes may also spread to the chest and the face if not treated immediately.

Rash On Buttocks

Skin rashes on buttocks are usually very uncomfortable since they affect how we sit and walk. They are mostly caused by allergic reactions, certain disease conditions and hygiene.

The detergents used to wash clothes and cosmetics we use on our skin may cause rashes on the buttocks.

Possible infections that cause buttock rash include meningitis, ringworm, fever, scabies, chicken pox, measles, mumps and eczema. In children diapers/ nappies are a good cause of buttock rash.

Failure to take a shower and change clothing frequently especially in hot weather may also cause rashes. Once they appear instant measures should be taken to cure them.

Skin rash treatment

Rashes on the skin are usually uncomfortable and should be treated as soon as they appear. The first step in treating rashes is to identify the cause.

Most rashes will go away once proper hygiene is practiced, and you avoid any irritants. Others require medical treatment. There are wide ranges of over the counter creams and pills that cure rashes.

If the rash is severe, it is important to see a dermatologist for a proper diagnosis. All medications given for skin rashes should be used continuously until the rash disappears immediately or until the prescribed period ends.

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