The most Tasty Fast Food Items

The traditional juicy, fatty hamburger is the fastest and cheapest way to satisfy an empty stomach – and feel, and look, like a pig too if devoured properly.

It has everything the body wants: greasy oils from the grid on which the patty was char-grilled; bloody juice from the protein-packed beef-patty; vitamin-filled vegetables in the form of lettuce, tomatoes and onions; carbohydrates from the white wheat-meal moulded sesame seed covered roll; and of course some synthetic barbecue sauce to give it some kick. All slammed together for convenience, and one does not even have to use a knife and fork; hands will do just fine, saving time, and decency. And if the serviettes are used up half way through, there are sleeves that will do justice.

Besides all these excellent qualities, the hamburger is filling; it’s tasty – and deserves a full-hearted burp after consumption. Those sitting or standing nearby may be shocked and embarrassed by what they see and hear, but hey! It was good – and tomorrow is another day.

What makes it even more appealing is that nearly everyone that can speak English knows what a hamburger is. Even those that cannot speak English know “hamburger” – it’s universal, and for good reasons too.

It’s hard to imagine someone not liking the traditional hamburger. If so, then either the person is allergic to it or they’ve never had one.

Imagine not having to waste time deciding what to order for one’s lunch-break. You know that you could go to any fast-food cafe nearby, and all you have to say is: “Give me a regular hamburger please”. There is no question as to what you mean. The order is placed and the ingredients are ready – besides, you’re not the only one who wants a hamburger.

It does not take long to prepare, and when served, you know it’s one – no matter which fast-food outlet you buy from.

Dripping when served guarantees everything you desired – a tasty, juicy and even shamefully unhealthy meal – fast, filling, satisfying.

You grab hold of it, squeezing the contents together to fit a big bite into your mouth; juice running down the hands and arms. After the first bite, juice mingled with oil will drip from the chin below a smile of pure satisfaction.

Wow! And the taste will stay for a couple of hours later – another tick to be noted; it might be fast, but it’s lasting too.

The hamburger is a hit and always will be. It’s never out of fashion – there will always be patties, rolls, lettuce, tomatoes, onions – and some sort of sauce available. And there’s just not always enough time to think of anything else.

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