The Secret Menu of in n out Fast Food Restaurants

Anyone on the West Coast has likely heard of, and/or been to the fast food restaurant named “In-N-Out”. Likewise, the nearer you live to one, the more you learn about how little you know. It is not uncommon to discover a new meal as you stride inside with someone you have never gone there with. On the East Coast, it is lesser known, but ask anyone from California, or several of the lucky citizens of Nevada or Arizona. In my travels and acquaintances the majority of people I meet who have eaten at In-N-Out will proclaim it the best fast food restaurant around, and for good reason.

The secret to success is a simple, yet hostile menu to tourists. While every In-N-out employee wears that perfect smile and that pristine uniform, it is the masterminds of In-N-Out who deployed this tactic. The menu is above the ordering post, and clearly states two combo choices, a cheese burger, a hamburger, double cheese burger, french fries, and fountain sodas or milk shakes. With such a simple menu, how could anyone miss out on the deliciousness that this burger place has to offer?

I know several people currently working at separate In-N-Outs and they agree the produce is brought in fresh every morning, and the french fries are made behind no cover as the employees mash potatoes. The hostility of the menu only becomes apparent to a tourist when a “local” is in front of them. With the menu listed above, you will clearly hear me personally say, “I’ll have a four-by-four animal style with whole-grill onions, and animal style light fries, with a vanilla milk shake” and my girlfriend ask for “A protein style two-by-two with animal style well done fries and a medium soda”.

So where did these items come from? They call it “The Know”. First off, order a burger X by Y indicates amount of meat patties (X) and amount of cheese slices (Y). You must ask for grilled onions to have bits of grilled onions as opposed to fresh, and whole-grill simply means they are not chopped to little pieces. Now, my personal favorite add-on, is animal style. You put it on fries, or burgers, or anything, and it is basically In-N-Out Sauce, and pickles and fried onions for burgers, and for fries you are given fried onions, cheese, and In-N-Out sauce. The light fries means they are cooked less time for softness, while well done means extra time and crispier fries.

Protein style burger cuts out the bun, and instead is wrapped in lettuce, thus eliminating many carbohydrates. The other way to order a burger is the “Flying Dutchman”, which has nothing but the meat, cheese, and potential onions. The drinks are surprisingly straight-forward, and are actually mostly indicated by the menu.

Now Go! Go to In-N-Out, and review this article and tell me if you do not agree? Customer service has always been excellent, and I make it a point myself to go at least twice a week, or eight times a month. Of course, the Protein Style, and Flying Dutchman help me keep my figure.

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