Tips for getting Good Deals on Fast Food

There are many ways to get good deals on fast food.  You might be able to save even more by taking advantage of a few simple strategies.  Consider the following ideas.

Look for coupons

A lot of fast food restaurants like Chick-fil-a offer coupons.  Sometimes these can be significant.  They are often of the “buy one, get one” variety and might include meals.  Sometimes they give you a free side such as French fries.  Other times they may even give you a free item.  Sometimes these come in mailers to your house whereas other times they are in the newspaper.  The Sunday newspaper is the best day to look for such coupons.  You also may be able to buy some coupons such as in the Entertainment Book.

Look for the less expensive fast food restaurants

Some fast food restaurants can add up in price.  You may want to compare the prices and food that you can get at different restaurants.  You may find something very similar at one restaurant that is cheaper than another.  Many restaurants have been lowering their prices recently.  You may want to constantly check the different prices at various restaurants since the one that is the cheapest one day might not be the cheapest the next day.

Look for specials

A lot of fast food restaurants have specials.  They may be once a week and give you a menu item for much cheaper.  They may give a sandwich for only 39 cents one day.  Sometimes restaurants will give you deals during an off time such as 2-4. 

Consider the meals

You can often save money if you get a meal instead of buying a la carte.  Most fast food restaurants have certain meals, and it may be the equivalent of getting the drink for free.  In addition you will often get freebies in a meal.

Buy for the kids off of the kids’ menu

The kids’ menu can often save you money.  They may also get a free toy.  If you have little ones consider such a purchase.

Look at a cheaper menu

Nowadays, a lot of fast food places offer special value items.  They might have a dollar menu for instance.  You may be able to save money by purchasing off of that instead of their regular menu. 

Fast food can save you money in general but you can save even more with the above strategies.

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