Top 10 Dollar Menu Items

Saving money is a must these days. With tough economic times hitting more and more of the population, restaurants have found a way to still rack in the profits-with a dollar menu. Dollar menus feature a variety of smaller sized items, each costing just $1 each. Customers can’t resist such a great values that will satisfy any hunger cheaply. If you are looking for the best choices on a dollar menu, here are the top 10 fast food dollar menu items out there!

10. Jack in the Box 2 Tacos Deal

Sure they are not authentic style tacos. They’re deep fried with the meat inside, topped with a special sauce, lettuce, and sliced cheese. They are, however, very yummy, and a great deal offering 2 of these tacos for just $1!

9.McDonald’s Soft Drinks

Small, medium, or large, it is your choice. Sitting proudly on the dollar menu, all of the soft drinks at McDonald’s cost just $1, no matter what size you need to quench your thirst.No matter what size, a drink

8. Wendy’s 5 Piece Chicken Nuggets

5 fresh, all white meat tender breasts of chicken, seasoned just right with that infamous Wendy’s flavor. Snag your favorite dipping sauce and you have a great snack for $1!

7. McDonald’s McChicken Sandwich

This chicken sandwich is a large sized, fried chicken breast sandwich, topped with mayonnaise and lettuce. Combined with the great taste you can only get at McDonald’s and you have a dollar menu winner!

6.Arby’s Jr.Roast Beef Sandwich

Enjoy a delicious Arby’s Roast Beef sandwich mini-size! These are perfect for small appetites, kids, and snacks. Or, grab 2 for a larger appetite and still come out cheaper than buying a regular roast beef sandwich! You can’t beat a dollar sandwich from Arby’s!

5. Checker’s Checkerburger

Add an order of the restaurant’s dollar menu seasoned fries, and you have the perfect combo of great food! Checker’s burgers are made to order, fresh, and presented with a unique flavor. Great dollar goodness.

4. Wendy’s Double Stack

Two square patties topped with cheese, mustard, and ketchup. It’s great to eat any time you’re hungry, and a very filling choice for such a low,low price.

3. Taco Bell 7-Layer Burrito

This burrito can fill the hungriest of people. 7 layers of Mexican goodness packed into the soft shell tortilla and priced at just $1 is an unbeatable deal.

2. Burger King Whopper Jr.

The son of the Whopper lives on the Dollar menu, and it is a value that cannot be missed for the small version of flame broiled goodness.Cheese will cost extra,but who’s complaining?

1. McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger

The McDonald’s smell, onions, ketchup, mustard, pickles, and cheese, packed inside two beef patties with the flavor only McDonald’s can bring. The double cheeseburger quickly conquers the hunger with great taste.

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