What’s new from the Fast Food Chains for Summer 2012

As fast food restaurants try to offer their customers a somewhat healthier alternative, many of them are also introducing summer treats. Some of these short-term menu items may seem grotesque to some, but for the average fast food connoisseur these meals could seem delicious.

Since spring rolled into town, restaurants, such as McDonald’s, Burger King and Pizza Hut, have been getting their patrons ready for the annual summer menu. All of these food innovations range from healthy to questionable, from mixing meat with desserts to avocado in sandwiches.

These high in calories treats may last only for the summer, but the health ramifications could last a lifetime. It is summer, though, and that means consumers of these items could prepare themselves to burn off all those grams of fat, calories and milligrams of sodium.

Bacon Sundae | Burger King

For months now, news organizations have reported Burger King’s latest dessert: The Bacon Sundae, a 510-calorie ice cream featuring bacon, bacon bits, fudge and caramel. It consists of eight grams of fat and 61 grams of sugar. The Bacon Sundae was first tested in Nashville, Tennessee in April and, according to the world’s second largest burger chain, it was a complete success.

Avocados | Subway

In July, Subway announced that it is adding avocado to its menu as a premium seasonal topping. It will be made available with a few of its sandwiches, including the Turkey and Bacon Avocado sub, Avocado Breakfast sub and a BLT with avocado. As companies decide to add meat to sweet treats, Subway corporate dietician Lanette Kovachi says the addition is great for the health conscious.

Rip’n Chick’n | Popeye’s

This $3.99 meal consists of a whole chicken breast cut into tenders. It comes with Cajun Fries and a biscuit. The summer menu item has already made a quick exit from the market as it left on Jun. 24.

Pulled Pork Burger | Carl’s Jr.

Carl’s Jr. is reportedly testing out a new burger called the Memphis BBQ pulled pork burger. This burger costs $3.79 and consists of a burger patty, pulled pork and deep-fried onions.

$1 Fountain Drinks & Iced Coffee | McDonald’s

So it seems as if McDonald’s is not serving any heart attack-inducing food items for the summer. Instead, it is offering a promotion to increase more awareness of its iced coffees as well as its fountain drinks by selling them for $1 each any size. This runs until Sept. 1.

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