Which tampon is best for you to insert

Facts about tampons

Whenever you have your menstrual period you think you would like to replace sanitary pads with tampons. Above all, before putting on the tampon, make sure you choose the one you need.

The first days are always followed with a little panic. There are few days of constant alert, fearing of possible leak. Not to mention the discomfort. Many women need some time to feel relax and fearless when using a tampon.

Today, tampons are very absorbent and discreet. Choose models “super” in the beginning of your period, when blood flow is more abundant, and especially on the night when you go to bed.
To prevent odors, you need to change your tampon at least every three hours.
What about the irritation? Wearing of tampon can cause redness and irritation you feel in the vulva. In that case you just change brand and model. If despite this, the discomfort persisted, take an appointment with your gynecologist. Important! Do not throw your tampons in the toilet: fold it in its little pouch adapted and put it in the trash.

Revolution in comfort is that the pad can absorb the menstrual flow safely, even at the beach.
How it works? Cylindrical is placed inside the vagina, being sure to undo the little string that will remove easily.
If you never put tampons model marked as “fine”, be sure that you will need to change them every hour. The amount of liquid absorbed up to double your volume tampon inside your vagina, it is important to start gradually with small models, even put a small pad at the bottom of your pants for safety.
After several cycles, once your body gets used and you will know better the insert, you can choose suitable tampon during your period: from mini to super, as the abundance of your flow.
To prevent irritations or infections, it is important to change it every 3 hours. Important! Remember to remove your tampon used before putting a new. A little carelessness happens often and is quite unpleasant to be corrected!

Stages of putting a tampon

Here are some tips when you put on a tampon as below:

1. Choose a tampon with or without applicator. If you’re not used to touch your vagina and if that scares you it is a little better to take tampon with applicator. Some women also find it cleaner. If you choose digital pads, push your finger up your stamp the appropriate area. It’s that simple.
2. Choose a level of absorption is also important. Capacity is listed on the side of the package, the same process as choosing the pads, from “normal” to “super”. It is depending on you thus you have any important rules or not.
3. Choosing a tampon also include choosing a specific brand. What advice could we tell you? All brands are worth. A brand of a famous mark is not more effective than others. They are made on the same model with the same material. So, most of the brands on the market are controlled and safe for using.

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