How To Draw Inner Corner Eyeliner

Draw your eyeliner from the inner corner all the way across the lash line, then flick it out, stopping at the tip where your crease starts. Close your eye and slightly pull the outer corner of it upward.

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For the top rim, hold up your lid with your fingers and draw in the line.

How to draw inner corner eyeliner. Then, draw the eyeliner just below the highest point and draw it along to the outward. Adjust the length according to your desired length of the wing; 1.draw a line, start from the outer corner of you eyes and then extend a little further towards your eyebrow.

Begin applying the gel liner to your inner lash line moving towards the center, but do not fill it in yet. A dramatic cat eye looks fantastic on monolids. Use a light pencil eyeliner to draw a thin line as close to your upper lash line as possible.

Graphic liners look awesome with bright colors! pull it from the inner corner of your eyes towards the outer v. 2.make a short flick and fill in with gel liner.

This way, the liner remains visible. Next, take more eyeliner in the same brush and squeeze the waterline and spread it to find the wing on the inner corner of the eyeliner. The line should be as thin as possible.

Then, apply some liner to your outer lash line moving towards the outer edge. All types of eye shapes. It's ultra sleek and exudes an edgier vibe than a.

Begin with a thin line at your inner corner and taper the line to become much thicker as you reach the outer corner. The inner corner eyeliner trend is all about enhancing the eyes by not only creating a dramatic wing on the outer corners of the eyes but also adding a sharp wing on the inner corners. Eyeliner foolproof best liner looks best eyeliner look eye shape how to draw eyeliner.

Awkwafina, sandra oh, lucy liu. How to draw winged eyeliner if you have deep set eyes step 1: Apply pencil eyeliner to your upper lash line.

Searches for the look that extends the eye shape by lining past the inner lash line and toward the nose were up 293 percent on pinterest from march 9 to 22 (as compared to the two weeks prior). Just another human, trying to survive. Next, grab eyeko’s eye do liquid eyeliner and start application from the inner corner of your eye.

Look downwards and swipe the eyeliner very gently across the upper waterline. This acts as a base for your winged eyeliner. Allow the eyeliner to dry for 10 seconds before blinking to avoid transfer to the lower water line.

And just by scrolling through photos, it's easy to see why: And then draw a second tail from the corner of your. Instead, draw the thinnest line possible following your lashline and end it at the outer corner of your eyes.

Plot out your wing by using your lower lash line as a guide and extend it outwards. Take a pencil eyeliner and draw an extended line on the outer edge of your eyes making an angle with your eyebrows. To attract attention to your beautiful eye shape, start drawing a thin line on your upper eyelid from the inner corner.

You may need a while to perfect this but make sure the line is the same thinness from inner to outer corners of your eyes. In order to lift up your eyes, opt for a colored and shimmery eye pencil at the inner corner of the eyes. Start at your inner and outer corners.

You can extend the line to create a winged eyeliner look later. Now, place the pencil where this line ends and draw a line that flicks inward with a slight curve and extend the line to the inner corner of your eye. Start from the corner of your eyes.

This will create a double liner making your eyes look wider! 4.apply a thick coat of mascara on your upper lashes and thin coat on lower lashes. Draw along the lash line like a normal winged liner, including the flick.

The inner and outer corners of your eyes are at the same level, and the distance between the inner corners is equal to one eye's length. From the end of your liner flick, add a line inwards above the crease of your eye, following the shape of your brow and stopping half way. Once you reach the inner corner of the eye, follow the shape of your eye, and draw a slightly super thin and precise line in front of your tear duct.

Identify the eyeliner shape that you’re going for. Extend the line at the outer corner, but don't draw beyond it. This diagram gives you an idea.

Draw a line from the. Sharpen your pencil and draw a thin bar along the lashline, framing the eyes, but stop before the end and before the inner corners. If your eyelids tend to cover up your eyeliner, then apply the liner in an arch shape.

Find the line you’re going to draw. Stamp the eyeliner brush dipped in color along your penciled or gel. Thicken the liner towards the outer corner, slim it down as.

Start from the inner corner of your eye and work toward the outer corner. Extend the cat eye to go even bolder.

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